How Gale Healthcare’s Matching System Works

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Gale Healthcare is an employment platform that connects healthcare organizations with qualified candidates. Their mission is to solve the global healthcare staffing crisis by providing a modern, effective and reliable matching system for nurses and other health care professionals.

The unique matching system employs artificial intelligence technologies to quickly learn what nurse profiles are most suitable for different organizations and match them with a variety of job opportunities. Gale Healthcare works with over 10,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities in over 50 countries, helping healthcare organizations of all types and sizes access quality talent. In 2019, the company raised $60M in Series B funding in order to continue expanding their technology and worldwide reach.

Gale Healthcare’s proprietary algorithm provides customized matches tailored to each organization’s individual staffing needs based on configurable criteria such as geography, qualifications, experience levels, performance metrics and more. This automated process saves time by removing the need for manual searches and hiring processes while ensuring suitably qualified individuals are chosen for available roles quickly.

In addition to its online search platform, Gale Healthcare also provides simplified onboarding processes designed to ensure high-quality candidate experiences while helping save recruiters’ time.

How does Gale Healthcare’s matching system work

Gale Healthcare is an Austin-based healthcare startup that operates a matching system connecting hospitals, health systems and outpatient clinics with temporary and traveling nurses for on-demand shifts. The company uses innovative technologies and data science to introduce transparency into the temp staffing supply chain, speeding up the process for both hospital administrators and nursing professionals.

The Gale Healthcare matching system works in two steps: It first provides medical facilities with real-time notifications of available shifts from nearby traveled nurse networks. These shift postings are then sent to a pool of RNs who are able to access the shift information via their web or mobile app. Through these notifications, nursing professionals can quickly identify which facilities have openings on their schedules and decide whether they want to accept . After a shift has been accepted, Gale Healthcare follows up with updates as requested by the healthcare facilities.

The goal of the Gale Healthcare matching platform is to increase efficiency at both ends — helping hospitals quickly fill temps and travel nurse shortages while providing RNs more choice when deciding which shifts they’d like to take next. Gale Healthcare has already raised $60 million in funding in 2020, signaling a bright future for its platform.

Features of Gale Healthcare’s Matching System

Gale Healthcare has recently raised a whopping $60M to help create a matching system that helps match nurses to open shifts.

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Gale’s advanced matching system features a wide range of features which makes it a great choice for finding the perfect fit for open shifts. This article will explore the features of Gale Healthcare’s matching system in further detail.

Automated scheduling

Gale Healthcare is an AI-powered staffing and scheduling platform in the healthcare industry. Through its matching system, Gale automates the process of finding qualified nurses to fill open shifts at medical facilities. The technology works by using analytics to match RNs with empty shifts, improving job satisfaction and increasing job opportunities while providing cost savings for healthcare organizations. It also enables hospitals to optimize staffing levels as demand fluctuates and avoid unnecessary overtime costs.

The matching system combines machine learning algorithms with proprietary data-mining tools to evaluate complex processes such as nursing skill gaps, facility preferences and regional shortages. By analyzing these factors, Gale’s AI-based solution can quickly identify and engage a qualified nurse for a shift based on location, experience, availability and preferences. In addition, it can handle a large volume of work orders simultaneously while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

The automated scheduling platform gives nurses added control by allowing them to set their own preferences for when they want to work each day. This helps them create more flexible work schedules that cater to their lifestyle needs. It also gives healthcare organizations greater visibility into vacant shifts so that they can ensure adequate staffing coverage in all areas of the facility at all times.

Real-time shift matching

Gale Healthcare’s matching system features real-time shift matching which allows nurse employers to quickly find qualified nurses to fill empty shifts. With Gale’s real-time shift matching, employers can set up their own criteria in order to select suitable applicants, such as experience and location. The platform assesses the criteria and matches the employer with qualified nurses in a matter of seconds. This significantly reduces the time it takes for employers to find and fill vacant shifts with well-qualified personnel.

In addition, Gale Healthcare’s platform allows employers to track applicants after they have been hired, as well as manage their payroll, time tracking and licensing requirements. These tools are designed to provide end-to-end efficiency from recruitment through onboarding to post-hire performance reviews. With its streamlined workflow processes, Gale enables healthcare organizations to effectively manage their staffing operations and improve patient care outcomes.

Automated shift filling

One of the key features of Gale Healthcare’s matching system is automated shift filling. Utilizing proprietary matching algorithms, the software platform identifies employees able to fill available shifts in hospitals and post-acute care organizations based on varying criteria including scheduling constraints, qualifications, certifications and training. The software platform enables healthcare organizations to ensure the right people are available with the right skills and credentials to best meet patient needs.

The proprietary matching algorithms are specifically designed to take into account real-time changes in shift availability while meeting hospitals’ quality assurance requirements, assessment control procedures and creating a seamless experience for users from registration to job assignment. Automated shift filling also enables healthcare organizations to increase staffing flexibility in order to optimize care levels as well as reduce labor costs associated with tracking down open shifts.

Benefits of Gale Healthcare’s Matching System

Gale Healthcare is an innovative healthcare technology company that has raised $60 million to develop a matching system which helps healthcare professionals find open shifts in hospitals and health systems.

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The company’s matching system is dedicated to helping nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals manage their careers and find open shifts in health facilities. Let’s examine some of the benefits of Gale Healthcare’s matching system.

Increased efficiency

Gale Healthcare’s cutting-edge matching system helps to increase the efficiency of shift placement for healthcare staff by matching nurses with empty shifts quickly and accurately. The platform utilizes powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence to learn experience-based behavior and analyse it to find the right match between nurses and shifts. This reduces the time taken to manually search through suitable nurses and matches them with relevant shifts in a fraction of the time, allowing hospitals to be better staffed.

Additionally, Gale Healthcare’s system allows hospitals to monitor performance of their nurses over time which enables them to optimize their staffing structure. Through this monitoring mechanism, hospitals can identify areas where they may be over or understaffed, allowing more cost-effective management of staff workloads as well as potential career development opportunities for existing members of staff. This increases overall efficiency within hospitals which in turn provides a better service for patients.

Improved communication

Gale Healthcare’s matching system eliminates communication barriers with its efficient and user-friendly features. The web-based program allows nurses and healthcare providers to save time and money by connecting them quickly with the right people. With this system, finding and coordinating shifts for nurses or filling open shifts for healthcare organizations is a simple process.

The matching system streamlines the complicated process of forming relationships between healthcare providers and fills open shifts across multiple locations, eliminating unneeded phone calls or emails. This efficient way of communicating eliminates stress by reducing downtime between nurse availability checks, shift openings, budgeting talks, and other information exchanges during the hiring process.

Also, hospitals can quickly access a pool of qualified nurses upon receiving an unexpected demand for additional shifts due to an unexpected increase in patient volume. Gale Healthcare’s messaging platform reduces delays in on-boarding new staff members which helps bridge gaps in coverage activities improving an organization’s performance productivity when facing a surge in patient demands or other disruptions.

The software is also designed to improve communication between the employer and employee while they work together to fill vacancies within a department or across different sites by providing them with real time updates regarding availability status or upcoming open shifts needs instantly. In addition, healthcare professionals are provided with detailed information about shift requests optimizing their decision making process when considering offers from different departments at various hospital locations according to specific qualifications criteria that best suits their needs.

Gale Healthcare raises $60M to match nurses with empty shifts

Gale Healthcare recently raised $60M in a Series B round of funding. This funding has gone towards the development of a matching system that connects nurses with empty shifts. This system works to match nurses with open shifts based on their skills and needs, increasing the efficiency and speed of the staffing process.

Let’s take a closer look at how Gale Healthcare’s matching system works.

Overview of recent funding

In December 2020, Gale Healthcare, a company that specializes in matching nurses with empty shifts to fill hospitals’ staffing needs, raised $60 million in Series B funding. This round of funding was led by Insight Partners and Latitude Ventures, with participation from Advancit Capital and Gurnet Point Capital. This latest financing brings Gale’s total amount raised to over $85 million since its launch in 2017.

Gale’s platform directly connects nurses with employers to fill vacant shifts while making the process more efficient overall. Instead of relying on humans to manually post open positions and contact nurses one by one, the platform automates these labor-intensive processes through an algorithm that finds the right fit for each assignment. With this additional injection of funds, Gale looks to improve its product offering while expanding into new markets such as retail health clinics and surgeries centers.

Gale already works with a number of hospitals across the country who can attest to the efficiency of their staffing solution. Aram Sarabakhshi, assistant vice president at UMass Memorial Medical Center stated that “The entire process — from identifying needs for shift coverage to placing qualified staff onsite — has been handled efficiently.” The platform not only threatens manpower-heavy processes on Hospital side but also opens up new opportunities for nurses looking for flexible work hours or lucrative supplemental income streams. According to the company website it plans on doubling personnel and enhancing the platform capabilities in 2021 as it continues efforts towards global expansion and unyielding improvement of its offering.

Impact of funding

Gale Healthcare has recently announced that it has raised $60 million in a financing round, led by Menlo Ventures, with participation from previous investors Caffeinated Capital and Fuel Capital bringing Gale’s total funding to $107 million. The latest injection of capital will boost the technology-enabled healthcare services and staffing solutions firm’s plans to support nurses and healthcare workers responding to societal needs like COVID-19.

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The technology startup connects healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics with trained medical personnel including registered nurses and nurse practitioners on an employment basis or through a per diem shift basis. The platform is a matching system that simplifies the staffing process while providing nurses with flexibility by connecting them directly with employers. It provides healthcare facilities with access to reliable staff when they need it most as well as reduces labor costs and onboarding times for both employers and workers themselves.

This additional capital was primarily designed to accelerate Gale Healthcare’s growth strategy during these unprecedented times, where the demand for health care professionals continues to increase globally due to the pandemic. By investing this new funding in product development, sales recruiting activities, internal operations such as training processes and communications strategies; improvements will be made in direct response to customer needs such as increasing their hiring efficiency for emergency/urgent shifts. Simultaneously, this capital augments the continual expansion of its flexible workforce programs which are available nationwide across all 50 states in the US.

Overall, Gale Healthcare’s recent funding demonstrates its focus on bolstering its digital solutions that foster enhanced services for both healthcare providers seeking trained medical personnel employees whilst supplying job seekers in the field of nursing with expanded opportunities within a secure online platform; ultimately improving efficiency within the sectors involved operating even more effectively during unforeseen events like those seen today thanks to COVID-19.

Future plans for Gale Healthcare

Gale Healthcare recently secured $60 million in investments, bringing their total funding to date to over $100 million. The funds will help the company continue their mission of providing healthcare workers with access to flexible shifts that meet their lifestyle needs and creating a seamless matching system between nurses and healthcare facilities.

The company plans to use the funds to continue innovating new features for their matching platform as well as scaling up its operations and expanding into new markets internationally. They have newly added features such as matching nurses with shared shifts, which allow teams of nurses to cover multiple shifts jointly and create new flexible working opportunities. Gale Healthcare’s investment means that it can continue offering better technology-enabled shift management at no cost for providers, both small and large.

In addition, Gale Healthcare’s investment will also enable them to provide more incentives for nurses signing on for shift work, such as access to exclusive benefits like discounted housing rates or healthcare coverage benefits. The long-term goal is for hospitals and clinics across the US to be able to transform how they plan staffing by relying on Gale’s cutting-edge software solution that brings instant scalability whenever needed. Ultimately, Gale looks forward to helping serve more healthcare facilities around the world while continuing its focus on providing exceptional patient care experiences through its innovative technology solution.

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