Learn To Skydive

Expert Training From Jump #1 To Licensed

First Jump Course

The first jump course is an all day affair consisting of a 4-6 hour instructional course (depending on class size) in which you learn everything you will need to know to make a safe and exciting parachute jump from 3500 feet.

After completing the course, you gear up with the help of our staff, board our jump plane and climb to jump altitude. On the jump run the door opens and you climb out of the plane and hang from the wing strut. On “GO!” your instructor activates your parachute for you immediately as you fall away from the plane. Once your parachute opens, an instructor on the ground will help you fly the parachute to the landing area, via radio communication.

Gradual Freefall Program

Once you have completed the first jump course, made your first skydive and want to continue jumping, we can train you through our Gradual Freefall Program to become a licensed skydiver!