Torii’s Series A Funding Round

torii saas 10m venture capitalmillertechcrunch

Torii recently announced it has concluded a successful Series A funding round, raising $10M in committed capital led by prominent venture capitalist firms. During this round of fundraising, Torii was able to showcase the company’s mission and accomplishments. This exciting news comes at a time when the company is experiencing strong growth and recognition in the health tech space.

Series A funding typically describes a stage at which companies have successfully launched their product or service into the marketplace, have evidence of its momentum, and are looking for additional capital to rapidly expand both their customer base and team. It allows companies to tweak operations and scale up research-and-development efforts with an aim to reach profitability sooner rather than later.

The investment into Torii represents an exciting milestone for the company as well as the healthcare industry overall — signaling faith in innovative health seeking technologies that can positively impact millions of patients around the world.

Background of Torii

Founded in 2018, Torii has quickly become one of the leading companies in the market for AI-powered solutions for e-commerce businesses. Recently, the company announced that it had closed a successful Series A funding round, raising a total of $10 million from top investors in the industry.

To understand the significance of this news, it is important to understand the background of the company.

History of Torii

Torii, an early-stage consumer health and wellness startup, has a mission to make it easier for consumers to access natural foods and health products online. Founded in 2018 by two childhood friends, Luca Bolognesi and Ilan Goldfajn, the company has gradually gained traction in the consumer health space. Torii’s vision is to revolutionize how consumers shop for and access quality natural products online by bringing together marketplace connections from leading brands in food & nutrition, beauty & personal care, and more.

Since its inception, Torii has quickly grown its user base by introducing new product lines including functional food supplements and functional snacks for wellness enthusiasts. Over time, Torii developed three main retail channels: its website as well as third-party partnerships with global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon (USA & EU), Walmart Marketplace (USA), Kitpail(China), Farmoz (India) plus several regional Asian marketplaces providing local language content search connections & sales processus support. In addition to this international expansion strategy leveraging multiple retailers partnerships, the company also launched a flagship physical store in Singapore early 2020 which is adjacent to 2 Multi-brand E-commerce Premier stores still growing strong today.

In December 2020 Torii officially raised $10 million through its Series A funding round led by investment firms Droplet Incudelab Ventures with Cantor Ventures participating as additional investors along with other investors such as Starhub Ventures bringing forth their corporate expertise. With this capital infusion, new partnership agreements have been put forth between several consumer product brands along with venture firms from APAC region making it easier for local customers to purchase our products. This marks a noteworthy milestone that certifies the team’s commitment towards subjecting reachable target markets globally within broader scope of brand recognition’s development into Healthy lifestyle industry.

Overview of Torii’s products and services

Torii is a mobile-first entrepreneurship platform that makes it easier, faster and less expensive to start and cultivate an idea. The comprehensive solutions offered on Torii include co-working spaces, marketplaces and teams.

The company provides real-time meetings, assessments and even financing options for those looking to achieve their business goals.

Torii’s co-working space solutions provide entrepreneurs with a great place to work, both virtually or in person. They have designed an easy virtual office system that allows entrepreneurs to collaborate in real time without the associated costs of renting physical premises. Torii’s marketplaces provide access to a rich pool of professionals who can help execute projects from concept to completion with quality assurance.

The team offering on Torii enables users to build their ideal workforce by finding champions from across the globe who fit the bill for each respective project. Torii’s financing options are suitable for all stages of the entrepreneurial journey, providing mentorship & advice help for those raising money through crowdfunding platforms or seeking angel investments.

Through its comprehensive set of offerings, Torii provides entrepreneurs with everything they need so that they can focus solely on their passion project and take it from concept to full blown reality.

Torii raises $10M in Series A funding

Torii, the computer vision-driven grocery delivery startup, recently announced its successful Series A funding round, raising $10 million in the process. This round of fundraising was led by strategic investors who specialize in grocery delivery and logistics.

The funds will be used to launch Torii’s affiliate program, expand its grocery delivery services across the country, and hire additional staff.

Let’s take a closer look at all aspects of this Series A funding round.

torii saas series wing capitalmillertechcrunch

Overview of the funding round

On June 4, 2020, Torii announced that it had raised $10 million in a Series A funding round. The round was led by Insight Venture Partners and was backed by a range of venture capitalist firms including SIG China, Signia Venture Partners, Convivialite Ventures, and Impulse VC. The funding will be used to expand the company’s offerings and customer base.

Series A is the first round of institutional funds companies raise to help fuel growth. It is typically referred to as the “growth stage” of fundraising since companies use this money to build out their team, finalize product or service offerings, or invest in scaling technology infrastructure. This round can range from $2 million-$15 million with slightly different rules depending on which venture capital firm is investing. Torii chose Insight Venture Partners for its expertise in the SaaS e-commerce market and the VC firm’s commitment to helping businesses scale up their operations quickly and efficiently.

The new round of funding marks a major milestone for Torii – this is its first time raising capital from outside investors since launching in 2018. Chief Executive Officer Justin Yoshimura commented that the funds raised will enable them to “continue innovating [their] software platform and further simplify global payments for businesses of all sizes” as well as continue expanding into new markets with merchant customers around the world. He also thanked Insight for their support and believes that “this financing enables us to double down on our mission: to help businesses succeed faster through unleashing their global trade potential.”

Who participated in the funding round

Torii, an online financial services platform, announced the close of its Series A funding round with $10 million raised. The funding round was led by High Alpha Capital and Allos Ventures, with additional participation from Boston Seed Capital and members from the Rainmaker Angels Network.

The Series A funding will be used to further develop Torii’s mission to create a financial services platform that is more accessible for all users. As part of the Series A, new product additions such as credit building products, automatic savings goals, and tax-deferred retirement accounts are planned for launch over the coming months.

Along with High Alpha Capital, Allos Ventures and Boston Seed Capital investing in Torii as part of its Series A, it also saw participation from prominent angel investors including Spoke founders Steve Josuweit and Jay Shah; Amplitude co-founder Andrew Rohrmann; Flutter CEO Darrell Smith; Lattice CEO Jack Altman; Invision founder Clark Valberg; Mode Analytics CEO Duke Chung; Vidsy founder Vern Teo; Abacus CRO Justin Yoshimura; Austin McCarus of Insight Partners & Sendwise Partners Anna Pirozzi; Matterport CTO Scott Broock; Jack Abraham of Lago Research & etsyCRM founder Missy Dearing—to name a few. Through their investment in Torii’s vision and mission to create a more equitable financial system, these investors will help democratize access to financial services for all underserved communities.

torii saas 10m series capitalmillertechcrunch

What the funds will be used for

Torii is excited to announce that the company has successfully closed a $10M Series A fundraising round. The funds raised in this round will be used to build out the company’s technology platform, grow its customer base, increase customer engagement and deepen partnerships with industry players.

The investment is backed by Accel, 8VC, Lerer Hippeau and several other investors from leading venture capital firms. Torii’s Series A funding will help advance the development of innovative products and technology solutions to help customers better invest and manage their wealth.

The company plans to use the funds to pursue growth opportunities in the wealth management sector, including expanding its white-label fund products, launching new algorithms for automated portfolio management, leveraging chatbots for conversational engagement, developing API integrations and building interactive user experiences.

With this new capital and strategic partners, Torii looks forward to scaling operations across more markets and providing a comprehensive suite of products for customers around the world.

torii saas 10m series venture capitalmillertechcrunch

Impact of the Funding Round

Torii has recently closed a $10M series A funding round. This additional capital will help the company expand its product development and customer base. It is also expected to have a positive impact on the company’s financials and stock price.

Let’s take a closer look at how this funding round could impact the business.

How the funding will help Torii

As a result of Torii’s successful Series A funding round, the company has now raised a total of $10 million in capital. This infusion of funds provides the innovative startup with much-needed resources to support its long-term growth and expansion plans.

Having secured this funding, Torii can now focus on scaling up its operations and accelerating its global impact. Specifically, the newly acquired funds will allow for further investment in research and development (R&D) initiatives, which will ultimately help to optimize user experiences through the advancement of technology. In addition, this strengthened financial position enables Torii to take on more ambitious customer acquisition strategies as well as solidify partnerships with various stakeholders such as technology providers, retail merchants and local enterprises. Lastly, these investments will allow for substantial growth in product offerings by expanding its customer base across various industries and high-touch markets like luxury spaces.

Overall, Torii’s Series A funding has come at an opportune time which will help propel the company forward to achieve even greater heights of success. With this significant capital and a wide range of possibilities now laid out before it, we look forward to seeing what inventive solutions emerge from the renowned startup in due course.

What this means for Torii’s future

The recent $10M Series A funding round marks an exciting milestone for Torii and provides the company with the means to take their business to the next level of growth. This new influx of capital considerably increases the company’s ability to achieve significant growth ambitions, allowing for larger scale initiatives and broader reach.

This especially means increased investment in research and development, hiring, marketing and technology infrastructure since these areas are integral to torii’s success. The advanced technology platforms being created by torii offer compelling innovative customer experiences that will continue to drive more customer adoption of its suite of products. Furthermore, more funds mean that more resources can be allocated to experimenting with new initiatives while scaling existing products as well.

Ultimately, Torii has now entered a new era of sustainability and longevity where it has the potential to become a major player in its field. This injection of capital suggests confidence in Torii’s mission, team and vision so that they can continue delivering great customer experiences while leveraging emerging technologies.


Torii has successfully concluded its Series A funding round, which gave the company a total of $10 million in investment capital. This new injection of cash will help Torii to further expand its development of innovative web-based tools and services.

In addition to the funds, Torii has also gained a few renowned industry figures as key investors in this round and will benefit from their strategic insights and connections.

This successful funding event proves the appeal that Torii’s unique technology holds amongst potential investors. With its enhanced resources, the company looks forward to leveraging these partnerships to grow even more significantly in the near future.

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